Our solutions can make your business applications more reliable, efficient and flexible, reducing inefficiency, waste and frustration.

Application Integration Solutions

Today, companies are faced with the challenge of integrating mission-critical information systems across their entire value chain. The variety of technologies available to connect business applications within and across enterprises has increased dramatically over the last few years. Successful implementation of EAI (Enterprise Applications Integration) tools and middle-tier application servers requires a well planned integration strategy, focused on core business processes. At ThatOne Company, our expertise in leading-edge technologies and system design can turn this challenge into opportunity.

The need for well designed, reliable, and scalable infrastructure connected across enterprise boundaries has never been greater. Whether running customer self-service facilities, online transaction and procurement systems, or managing shipments of products and supplies, the same four criteria prevail: speed, accuracy, accountability and consistency. ThatOne Company can help your organization achieve these objectives by providing highly specialized skills and knowledge to specific areas of a project, or by taking complete ownership of the development and implementation of a solution. We take pride in our ability to architect, design, develop, integrate, and implement mission-critical technology solutions.

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